Sunday, April 20, 2008

Best Yet...bed bug control? You bet.

Is there finally a product that will be effective in the control of bed bugs? According to Cedarcide industries, the makers of a product called Best Yet, they have found the diamond in the rough when it comes to bed bug control. Bed bugs are extremely tough to get rid of. Up until now treating for bedbugs have been hit or miss at best, with many bed bugs showing resistance to the products on the market today. This product is made out of the cedar oil of the Texas Red Cedar and a carrier created from liquid quartz. Best Yet sounds like it can be a useful tool in the control of bed bugs, among other insects. As more information comes across my desk I will be sure to report on it. Best Yet bed bug control could be the panacea we are all looking for. It's worth a try. Good luck and God speed.