Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kill bedbugs with heat

Therma Pure is a company that uses heat to kill bedbugs, which is a great way to treat for bedbugs when clutter is an issue, or just when you want to be sure the bugs are gone. Of course heat treatments like this can be expensive, but this is just an unfortunate reality of bedbugs and their treatment. There are other companies that offer the same service, but the idea is the same. Think of it along the lines of fumigation without the poisons. It's a kind of a green treatment if you will. The science is behind heat treatment for bedbugs and it is a tool that I think will catch on, especially in cluttered apartments or dorm rooms, as it makes it easier to treat these areas without too much preparation.


Anonymous said...

im looking at obtaining the therma heat system to use on my own apartment buildings for tenants before they move in. Do you know how to obtain the pure heat system? or a system like therma pure? I want to be proactive with this infestation, as we are not effected yet.


Anonymous said...

I know of a company that sells electric bed bug heating equipment called Thermal Remediation. www.thermal-remediation.com

Anonymous said...

Heat doesn't work.

Jeff marx said...

Heat doesn't work. You sir, are an idiot.

parlie anderson said...

Pest Management, Inc. is the first pest control company in Texas to offer thermal remediation for the control of bed bugs.I Would surely like to try their services.
Kill Bed Bugs With Heat

Anonymous said...

Heat remediation absolutely works. Pure Environmental provides this service: http://www.pureenvironmentalsolutions.com/

And here's the link to thermapure:

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