Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bed bug Climb Up Interceptor

This is an interesting device that is placed at the bottom of the bed legs or sofa and chair legs that act as a monitoring device, catching the bugs in a well. Talc powder is used to make the surface slippery enough that they can't escape. The Bedbug Climb Up Interceptor is getting some good press and is a useful tool in the arsenal of bed bug control.


Anonymous said...

This interceptor truly works albeit a passive way to deal with the bed bug problem since it will catch the bug as it tries to climb up to your bed or going down to hide after feeding on you. The double trough trap placed on each of your bed's legs, with walls covered in talcum powder will prevent them from ever leaving the trap and will starve to death in the troughs. You will find desicated critters in the troughs that you can show your landlord as proof of bedbug infestation in your apartment. Bear in mind that your apartment still has to be fumigated professionally to rid of them, their eggs and the nymphs and that you must be vigilant at all times. Hiring a bug sniffing dogs after the apartment is fumigated or before moving into a new one is highly recommended to avoid the costs of another treatment. Make sure all the apartment is caulked to seal any point of entry by bedbugs from your neighboring apartments. New York City is going to have an explosion of bedbug population during the summer months (Jun, Jul, Aug), to be forewarned is forearmed.

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