Sunday, April 20, 2008

Best Yet...bed bug control? You bet.

Is there finally a product that will be effective in the control of bed bugs? According to Cedarcide industries, the makers of a product called Best Yet, they have found the diamond in the rough when it comes to bed bug control. Bed bugs are extremely tough to get rid of. Up until now treating for bedbugs have been hit or miss at best, with many bed bugs showing resistance to the products on the market today. This product is made out of the cedar oil of the Texas Red Cedar and a carrier created from liquid quartz. Best Yet sounds like it can be a useful tool in the control of bed bugs, among other insects. As more information comes across my desk I will be sure to report on it. Best Yet bed bug control could be the panacea we are all looking for. It's worth a try. Good luck and God speed.


keir said...

I tried this product in two different buildings for bedbugs and it did not work in either, the tenants in one actually asked if what I sprayed made them grow faster. I applied this as instructed by the customer service rep, in the second instance MUCH heavier than recommended (Tenants did launder everything). It seems if you do not spray them directly, the smell just drives them elsewhere in the house for a few days, seeming to set up new infestation sites. I also tried this on cockroaches with a similar effect. Even if this kills on contact, what is the point if there is no lasting effect... you can not sit there and spray every bug as you see it, there are thousands hidden from sight. On the good side, it has worked well as a personal insect repellent. If I misused this product and other people have had satisfying results, please post how you treated here, I would love to use a product this eco-friendly.

Anonymous said...

I used this product with the fogger and I'm not sure if it has worked yet but I treated all my wooden furniture with it manually. If this product works as a contact killer it then can be used as a maintence tool which may be a far better alternate to all the other chemicals currently being used with only percentage results. I too would like more concreate evidence of the effectivness of this natural liquid
based solution.

Anonymous said...

I was using boric acid with at least a control effectiveness, But I had to put it down every two days it seemed to keep them under control, So when i seen best yet i though great, well I did not see anything but the smell of cedar when i come into the house as for the bed bugs or fleas whatever they maybe, they got worse, I ent back to the boric acid again. To me it is all hype, If anyone had excellent results I would love to hear, And yes I sprayed everything