Saturday, May 24, 2008

PuracleenRX Bed Bug Spray

Q Based health care is offering a bed bug product with an actual guarantee to kill Bed Bugs Dead. The product is a spray called PuraCleenRX Bed Bug spray that works on the exoskeleton. As always you have to take all things into consideration when dealing with a bed bug problem, but this product sounds like something that would be worth putting in your bed bug arsenal.


Anonymous said...

If someone tries this out PLEASE let me know. I've been dealin with them for about a 3 days since i first realized i had them. I used pinesol, bleach & boiling hot water in a bucket with a broom and swept the whole apartment. I think i killed all the adults but the little ones are still around here cause i keep gettin bit, but i cant see them. and i know how both the adults and babies look. PLEASE let me know if this works. i cannot afford a $500-$1000 exterminator

Anonymous said...

Please put Climb up interceptors on each of your bed legs to prevent them from ever getting to you. First you must wash all beddings in hot water and inspect your mattress for tell-tale signs of infestations (black dots, blood smears from their feces). Scrub them well, blow hair dryer on them and spray the Bedlam spray all around your mattress and box spring them encase both in the best anti-bedbug encasement (about $110 for both). Put your bed away from walls, night tables, get rid of anything decorative (i.e., bed skirts, large quilt) that can be used by these odious critters as bridges to climb and feed on you. Spray 91% alcohol on your bed, sides, under every night before going to bed. Check the Climb ups every morning. You'll be surprised to see what were trapped overnight, adult and nymps. Disgusting. You must always be pro-active and vigilant. When you have time, put all your belonging in dryer as heat around 120 degrees killed all bedbugs, eggs and nymphs. I did it myself and is effective but will still hire an exterminator (landlord's responsibility) when I am good and ready. Good luck!