Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bed bug story

I would be interested in hearing your bed bug story...leave your story in the comment section and tell the world! It healthy to vent.


Chelsea said...

Hey there. I read that you are not a fan of DIY bed bug products. Most everyone I have met seems to share opinion. Unfortunately, the single pest control professional in my town had minimal experience with the bug. After extensive reading, I feel like I could probably do as good of a job as he would given his inexperience. However, I am very concerned that I will just spread them. The product that they carry is Bedlam. They also sell Permethrin which I believe is what they use. Any thoughts or recommendations?

Jennifer said...

So you invited people to share their bedbug stories, so i thought i would share mine. November 26th of 07 i moved into an apartment. That night, my children and i went to sleep, and woke up the next morning with bug bites. now, the people who lived here previously had a dog (i found dog crap in the heating vents while cleaning) so i just took it to be a flea infestation. I talked to my landlord and she said to just put powder down on the carpeted areas and vaccum as much as possible, and i did. but to no avail. 3 weeks later, i am covered in bug bites and scabs, cause i dont know about you, but i can't not scratch :( i'm leaning out of my bedroom window and talking on the phone and something drops off of my hand... now let me say this, I am originally from a HUGE city in southern california where pretty much the only bug problems there are, are roaches, bees, flys, ants and termites... so i'm thinking it's a tick. unfortunately i had no internet at the time, so i couldnt look it up... another week goes by and they finally show up to install my internet, by this time i have 12 of these critters in a bottle and i hop online and start searching cause the problem is getting worse. low and behold, they are bedbugs... i tell my landlord immediately, which turns into her accusing me of bringing them with me. they hire the most backwoods hillbilly exterminator they can find, and 3 sprayings later... i still have bedbugs... we are now moving, and i'm left wondering how i'm supposed to get the infestation out of my furniture before i move into a new place

Anonymous said...

I just recently found out I have bed bugs. It's amazing how people think only those that live in filth have them. Not the case. You can be anywhere and come home with one on your shoe. It's cost me over $800 so far. Thank goodness for Orkin. I feel so much better. I have thrown away everything (beds, headboards, nightstand, etc). I have even removed all carpet so basically I gutted my home. I am beside myself and haven't slept in 3 weeks due to fears.

djames said...

I have recently started a company that sells a product called packtite. I would be interested in a review of the product. It can be found at It uses heat to eliminate bed bugs from your luggage. Great for the frequent traveler.

Li Xiaoli said...

My name is Xiao, and I have bedbugs.

When I moved into my previous apartment, the place looked clean. The landlord was friendly, and cleaned the place up quite nicely before I moved in.

Nine-to-ten months later, bites started showing up on my skin. They were exacerbated by the fact that our apartment also suddenly suffered an outbreak of house centipedes, to which I am also apparently irresistible. The landlord suddenly became incredibly irascible, difficult to get in touch with, and generally landlord-ish. I moved out. I took this as an opportunity to start anew. I tossed the bed, mattress, boxspring, sheets, pillows, washed all my clothes, moved into a new place.

I moved in as a lodger in an apartment building downtown in a major city. For the first month and a half, everything was fine.

Then the streaks started showing up again.

Then the bites.

That was four weeks ago. Three weeks ago, I placed an order for diatomaceous earth, and started treating my bed, bedding, and baseboards with it. I'm sort of going insane here, as the bites are now leaving permanent scars, and as a student, I can't afford an exterminator. The infestation doesn't seem nearly as bad as at the old place, but perhaps that's just blind optimism. I've only seen maybe six bugs in the last four weeks, but a few hatchlings.


Eric Robinson said...


I'm 3 weeks into my bedbug battle and need help!

Just like the other stories...I'm covered in bites and scabs and I'm basically miserable. I've treated my room with Best Yet!...had an exterminator come (3 times now) and bought new bedding and a mattress cover. Without fail...they feed on me every other night or so...leaving huge swollen eggs on my skin.

I don't want to move out (I love my apartment) and I refuse to sell my new furniture. There HAS to be a way to win this battle. I want to speak with some one who has tried a bug bomb or fumigation. I'd gladly do the hotel thing for a couple of days if I knew that I'd come home to a bug-free apartment.

Orkin man is next...God help me.

Anonymous said...

do not bomb it will send them in your walls for awhile and then they will come out again you will end up with a bigger problem then before also people do not know that when you have these bugs you also have them in your car they even lay there eggs in your hair i bet if all of you who go to the store and buy a lice comb you will die when you see the eggs in your hair from these bed bugs check it out

Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme said...

Some people don't really consider cleaning their beds for some reasons. We must always try to take them out and put it under the sun to avoid bedbugs. I find it effective.

Anonymous said...

Well I thought I got rid of my bed bugs but found another one today. I thought I had hives and went to the hospital twice. The medicine they gave me made it worse so i went to a skin doctor who did a biopsy. None of the 3 doctors knew what it was. I now have scars all over my arms and legs fron the bites turns out im alergic to the little *******.

I give up. My husband said hes ready to burn the house down, he's kidding. I hope.

Bedbug sucks! said...

I have had Bedbugs since July of 2011 at least. I have had an exterminator spray twice. Thrown out mattresses even! I have read so much about these that it is unbelievable!! My first thing I did was used a vac for the whole house. Really paying close attention to the cracks and along the baseboards. Then I dusted DE (wear a mask while applying!!!) around the rooms and in some electrical outlets. (A good exterminator will also dust inside the electrical outlets). I redid this in a few weeks. Completely cleaned all the rooms out. Washing drying and bagging all clothing. I then felt like...I am seriously loosing my mind! I still am battling the stupid bugs. I don't get bites very often if any that I can notice. Just recently paid $100 to have a bed bug dog come inspect. He finds some in my room. No other signs. So now...I am torn to spray a couple more times or to do a heat treatment. I just wonder when I will get rid of these stupid things! I am willing to throw everything away!! I've spent $700 so far and now will spend more.

Anonymous said...

Only 700????? I have spent almost 3,000 dollars and am still trying to fight the filthy little vampires. I have tried everything from exterminators to over the counter to Packtight to steaming to new mattresses to DE to Intercept to Missouri traps on YouTube to 91% alcohol. I am going to try heat this week. I'm going.insane.

Barnabas Cecylia said...

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