Saturday, January 26, 2008

Reviewing products like Diatect, Thwart, and Tallman BedBug Products.

It's hard to give a review of bed bug control products because even in the world of professional pest control there is no sure fire way to get rid of bed bugs. Pest control companies are struggling with products and techniques to get rid of bed bugs because this problem is a relatively new one in the world of modern pest control. When you look at products like Diatct, Tallman, Thwart, Eaton's Bed Bug, and Bedlam, among others, it is easy to get confused and turned around. Which ones work? Unfortunately, it is hard to say. Each bed bug problem is unique to it's specific situation and the severity of the infestation itself. All the products probably have some good qualities in theory, but just as in professional pest control, you may have to use a combination along with other mechanical means to get rid of these unwanted guests. Being aware that these products are even on the market is half the battle. Now doing your homework and doing the work is how to proceed from here. Visit the products websites and do your homework. Good Luck.


Thao said...

Diatect company review. Received awful customer service from Diatect. I placed an order online, cancelled the order within 2 hours of receiving a confirmation. Diatect did not cancel the order, and did not reply until 6 days later, AFTER they sent out the product. Why didn't they cancel the order? Because they charge a 25% restocking fee for unopened returned products. However, they do a 100% money back product satisfaction guarantee. Which means, if you open the product, use it, and say it doesn't work, send it back, you'll get 100% money back. How about just cancelling the order when a customer requests asap? Bottom-line: their product doesn't work (judging from review left on, customer service is slow and lacking care.

For a bed bug powder that works, order from

No, I do not work for that company, I would like to warn other customers about their bad customer service.

Anonymous said...

Really? I had amazing success with their product and found them extreamly informed.

I read through their return policy and it does appear that what you say is correct, they only offer a product guarantee, not a satisfaction guarantee. But I didn't need to know that since the product worked exactly like they said it would. I suppose everyone can't have a good experiance.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree with you I used Diatect and it is an amazing product...I put it down and not only have I never had bugs bugs again but I have not seen any type of insect in my home for three years.. That is three years without anorther application..I am so sorry that the company went out of bussiness. Im looking all over to find a store that might have some stock left over.