Sunday, January 6, 2008

Do it yourself bedbug products

It will be no mystery that I am not a fan of DIY bedbug control products. I am not saying that there are not any products out there that may work, it's just that the detailed involvement of a bedbug treatment would render the money spent to get rid of the bedbugs wasted on the product. Unless you know exactly where to look, how to proceed, and what to so, your product would only give you temporary peace at best, if none at all. Sometimes people attempting to do it themselves winds up making the problem worse by spreading the bedbugs to other rooms or deeper into hiding. There may be instances where people are just looking for a quick kill for what they see and I guess for this purpose some of these products can be useful. So clearly there is a place for these products if used as a tool and not as a means of elimination or a cheap way out. Having said all that I will present to you all the products that are on the market today and what my opinions are on them so you can make your own decision on whether to try it on your own or to hire a professional.


hazza59 said...

hi , I am traveling to Bangkok in june and want to take some sort of spray that I can use to spray to stop bedbugs biteing ?? I read that the place Im staying at had bedbugs, is there something you can reconmend ??? thanks Hazza from New Zealand

HeatherAshton22 said...

I would recommend finding another place to stat ;)

But, if you HAVE to stay there, here is where you can buy some bed bug products:

Good luck!