Saturday, January 26, 2008

Phantom Bed Bug Review

Phantom to the rescue? I think so, but be sure to follow the label directions as this is a professional product. Another fine product for bedbug control as well as roaches and ants is a product called Phantom. It is a non-repellent chemical that the insect walks over unknowingly and tracks it back to the nest which kills off the insects in a domino effect manner. It is now labelled for bed bugs. You have to check your state to be sure it is labelled in it. Definitely a fantastic product.


Rich said...

Anyone know the concentration to use for bedbugs. For ants, etc. It's .5%.

Anonymous said...

Stains wood furniture.

Anonymous said...

Phantom saved my life. Staining wood furniture is better than burning your house down which was the alternative. I battled bed bugs for 6 months and tried everything until I found Phanton.