Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Diatect Bed Bug Killer

This is another product that claims to kill bedbugs and it looks like this can be an effective tool in your arsenal. The MSDS sheet indicated that is is a combo of Pyrethrins and Diatomaceous Earth which is known to cut into the cuticle of the insect. The product makes claims that it can be used on mattresses and if the directions are followed I would say it could help reduce populations for sure. I would recommend visiting Diatect Internationale's website to read up on this product for yourself. In my opinion...a definite tool to have.


Ravi Ginnavaram said...

I have been suffering from bed bu infestation since a month and one day ordered this product from the company's website.I sprayed the power on the mattress,top and bottom of bed spring.I used as they specified on the label but still find lot of the bugs biting me at night.To test the product I caught some bed bugs and sprayed the powder but they wont die.They are not even paraltsed.I dipped the bugs in the powder so that it gets sprayed all over its body waited for some hours,then for four days but they wont die.But diatect claims it the powder kills the bugs in minutes.I will be using it for a month and if still dont find any result will return the product.

Thao said...

Diatect bed bug powder review. Received awful customer service from Diatect. I placed an order online, cancelled the order within 2 hours of receiving a confirmation. Diatect did not cancel the order, and did not reply until 6 days later, AFTER they sent out the product. Why didn't they cancel the order? Because they charge a 25% restocking fee for unopened returned products. However, they do a 100% money back product satisfaction guarantee. Which means, if you open the product, use it, and say it doesn't work, send it back, you'll get 100% money back. How about just cancelling the order when a customer requests asap? Bottom-line: their product doesn't work (judging from previous review), customer service is slow and lacking care.

For a bed bug powder that works, order from

No, I do not work for that company, I am just appalled at Diatect's awful customer service.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you ordered something and had buyers remorse. Stop your smear campaign, sounds like your just as much to blame as they are.

Anonymous said...

This product works! It is amazing. I used it and not only have I never had anorther bed bug problem but I have not seen any type of insect in my home in three years..I want more of this product but the company went out of bussiness. I am looking all over for a store that might have some left over on the shelf..

Dorothy said...

Truly this insect killer product is very effective for killing insects and pests. At home, there is a colony of them. Now, I think and hope that I would get rid of them.
Thanks for this nice product.